Obama Shows His Arrogance Once Again

Obama’s reaction to heckler at DNC a telling sign of his cult-like power

Joe Saunders
March 2, 2014

They’re still crazy after all these years.

President Obama was well into a speech to the Democratic National Committee summit on Friday — larded up with the usual liberal tropes and his latest “populist” message — when a heckler in the back of the audience interrupted.

“Mr. Obama, tell us about your plans for nuclear war with Russia!” the man shouted, according to a transcript released by the White House.

Check out the video here.

Obama was dismissive — bordering on disdainful. And that contempt triggered the crowd.

They drowned the man out with chants of “O-bah-ma! O-bah-ma!” until the heckler either settled down or found himself in the hotel basement with six Secret Service agents and an IRS auditor.

No news outlets that covered the event have reported what set the heckler off, and no sane person thinks Obama is really contemplating nuclear war with Russia anyway. (Think what it would do to health insurance premiums.) But what’s really telling is how the Obamabots responded.

Back when George W. Bush would get heckled by the Code Pink weirdoes or some other lefty outfit, Republican crowds used to drown them out with chants of “U-S-A! U-S-A!”

Not only do libs not chant “U-S-A, U-S-A,” it wouldn’t even occur to them to in the first place. That’s because it’s not really about the country at all — for them or for him.

It’s not just a presidency — it’s the personality cult it’s always been, except now it’s stoked by the arrogance of five years in power.


Leaked Treaty: Worse Than SOPA and ACTA

Washington’s Blog
November 14, 2013

We noted last year:

Image: Wikimedia Commons.

An international treaty being negotiated in secret which would not only crack down on Internet privacy much more than SOPA or ACTA, but would actually destroy the sovereignty of the U.S. and all other signatories.

It is called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

We also noted that even Congressmen are furious that the bill was being kept secret from the American public.

And that the TPP is an anti-American power grab by big corporations.

Wikileaks has now leaked the intellectual property chapter of the secret treaty … and it’s as bad as we feared.

Public Citizen explains how the TPP would limit people’s access to affordable medicine.

And International Business Times explains:

The TPP’s chapter on IP deals with a host of issues, but its potential impacts on basic Internet freedom and usage are perhaps the ones that would directly impact the most people in the short term. One of the biggest concerns about the agreement raised by the Internet freedom advocacy group the Electronic Frontier Foundation centers around the concept of “temporary copies.” Here’s the text of the relevant section of the TPP’s intellectual property chapter leaked Wednesday:

“Each Party shall provide that authors, performers, and producers of phonograms have the right to authorize or prohibit all reproductions of their works, performances, and phonograms, in any manner or form, permanent or temporary (including temporary storage in electronic form).”

The EFF wrote in a July analysis of the language – which has not been amended in the intervening months — that the provision “reveals a profound disconnect with the reality of the modern computer,” which relies on temporary copies to perform routine operations, during which it must create temporary copies of programs and files in order to carry out basic functions. This is particularly so while a computer is connected to the Internet, when it will use temporary copies to buffer videos, store cache files to ensure websites load quickly and more.

“Since it’s technically necessary to download a temporary version of everything we see on our devices, does that mean—under the US proposed language—that anyone who ever views content on their device could potentially be found liable of infringement?” the EFF wrote. “For other countries signing on to the TPP, the answer would be most likely yes.”

And see this.

TPP would literally act to destroy the sovereignty of the U.S. and the other nations which sign the bill.

Postscript: Will the powers-that-be renew their labeling of Wikileaks as criminals for leaking an anti-American bill which would gut our nation’s sovereignty?

This article was posted: Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 6:18 am


Google: US Government Spying Has Tripled Since 2010

A 32 percent jump in requests for user data just in the last year; NSA surveillance stats remain under FISA gag order

Steve Watson
Nov 14, 2013

Google announced Thursday that the number of requests for individual user data by the US government has increased threefold in the same number of years.

The Search Engine’s statistics, released in its Transparency Report, show that In the six months of 2013, the government issued 10,918 requests for data on 21,683 users, a huge increase on just 3,580 requests in the latter half of 2009, when Google first began compiling the figures.

The number also represents a 32 percent jump on the 8,438 user data requests that were submitted by US government entities in the last six months of 2012.

“Since we began sharing these figures with you in 2010, requests from governments for user information have increased by more than 100 percent,” writes Richard Salgado, legal director for Google.

The requests were made at the local, state, and federal levels of government, and include subpoenas for direct access to IP addresses, names, and detailed account information, in addition to search warrants issued by police for emails, photos and videos.

Breaking down the figures, Google notes that 68 percent of the American requests were subpoenas, 22 percent were warrants, and 6 percent were “other court orders”. A further 2 percent were “pen register orders”, a dubious warrantless legal order only previously applied to telephone companies, with a further 1 percent being described as “emergency disclosure requests.”

According to Google’s report, the US government easily tops the list of worldwide requests, with 25,879 total worldwide requests submitted, covering 42,500 users. This means that over half of all users affected were targeted by the US government.

Google indicates that it agreed to 83 percent of the US government requests, overall complying with 63 percent globally. However, the statistics DO NOT encompass surveillance at the hands of the NSA, with which Google’s intimate relationship has been well documented.

“This comes as usage of our services continues to grow, but also as more governments have made requests than ever before,” Google man Salgado also noted. “And these numbers only include the requests we’re allowed to publish.”

Google is effectively under a gag order at the hands of The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA), which has refused to allow private companies to publish details of requests for information, citing national security as justification.

Google is one of several companies, along with Apple, Yahoo, Facebook and Microsoft, that claim they are pushing for more transparency on US government spying on users of their products. The companies are suing for the right to publish more details, arguing that they have a First Amendment right to do so.

“We believe it’s your right to know what kinds of requests and how many each government is making of us and other companies,” Salgado wrote in the Google blog on the matter.

“Earlier this year, we brought a federal case to assert that we do indeed have the right to shine more light on the FISA process. In addition, we recently wrote a letter of support for two pieces of legislation currently proposed in the U.S. Congress.” Salgado added.

As Google is still compiling the data, it remains to be seen how many takedown orders Google received from US authorities pertaining to “government criticism”. In 2011, it was revealed that the demands to remove information, including videos containing “government criticism,” increased by 70 per cent.

As we have previously documented, Google-owned You Tube has complied with thousands of requests worldwide to remove political protest videos that are clearly not in violation of any copyright or national security interests and do not constitute defamation.

Leslie Harris, president of the Center for Democracy and Technology, noted that the Google report “illustrates the government’s steadily growing appetite for more data from more users.”

“As our most personal information continues to move online, where physical barriers to government access are diminished, it’s vital that our laws are updated to protect against warrantless searches.” Harris added.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, and Prisonplanet.com. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

This article was posted: Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 12:58 pm

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MSNBC: Your Kids Belong To Everybody But The Parents

MSNBC Says Your Kids Belong To The Collective And Not Parents

Author: King David

I think the video speaks for itself. At the end of the video they flash the “Lean Forward” slogan on the screen which is a known socialist slogan. Any socialist will recognize that when they see it flash on the screen. This is the same propaganda that all tyrants have pushed throughout history, including Hitler. They all think they own the kids of the nation.

Thought Crime: Student Pulled From Class Because He Dressed Like Jesus For Halloween

Student Has His 1st Amendment Violated

Author: King David

When Marshon Sanders mother Angenetta Frison told him to dress up as someone inspirational, Marshon chose to dress up as Jesus Christ.  Marshon thought nothing was wrong and was showing who had inspired him in his life, but Marshon was pulled from class quickly on Thursday.  Marshon went on to say “I wanted to be Jesus because I just got baptized and so I felt like it, why not?” Marshon says of his costume choice. “He’s the most influential person in my life.”

According to Angenetta, it was because some teachers found his costume to be offensive and within the first 15 minutes of his class he was pulled out and taken to the schools office. Marshon went on to say this about his visit to the office; “She tells me that, um, my costume was offensive and I was promoting religion, which I wasn’t at all,”. This young man has every right to promote his religion if he feels like it. The administrators of the school said shortly before the school let out that “We initially were concerned that the costume could be offensive to religious sensibilities. Upon further review, we realized the student did not intend to be offensive.” The question at hand is who thought they had a right to even question his freedom of expression? Who has given anyone this authority?

Here is a picture of Marshon in his Halloween costume
Jesus pulled from class
Marshon was later told that he could put the costume back on but he declined the offer.

School spokeswoman Melinda Vajdic said the costume could be interpreted as poking fun or perpetuating a “religious stereotype.” Even if Marshon was trying to stereotype a certain religion that is well within his rights as an American. “Costumes trivialize,” Vajdic said. “I’m sure that wasn’t his intent, but we want to maintain a culture of mutual respect.”

They go on to say that two teachers reported his costume as offensive. Welcome to the new America. We have have to wonder if Marshon would have dressed up like Satan or an Islam leader if anything would have been said to him?

Texas Delivers Death Blow To Baby Murderers

A Federal Court Puts Baby Murderers Back In Their Place

Author: King David
November 1, 2013

Texas Abortion Bill
Today a Federal court reinstated most of Texas’ previous abortion restrictions that saves the lives of innocent children. This law will allow children to actually be born without someone determining whether that child has a chance at life or not.  Just three days after a Judge rules the new laws on abortion were unconstitutional, they were reinstated.  

The decision by the panel of judges at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals means as many as 12 clinics won’t be able to perform the procedure starting as soon as Friday.

The panel said the law requiring doctors to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital can take effect while a lawsuit moves forward. The restrictions could take effect Friday.

The panel left in place a portion of District Judge Lee Yeakel’s order that prevents the state from enforcing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration protocol for abortion-inducing drugs in cases where the woman is between 50 and 63 days into her pregnancy. Doctors testifying before the court had said such women would be harmed if the protocol were enforced.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott had made an emergency appeal to the conservative 5th Circuit, arguing that the law requiring doctors to have admitting privileges is a constitutional use of the Legislature’s authority.

Abbot said in a statement Thursday that “this unanimous decision is a vindication of the careful deliberation by the Texas Legislature to craft a law to protect the health and safety of Texas women.”

Lawyers for Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers had argued that the regulations did not protect women and would shut down a third of the abortion clinics in Texas.

The court’s order is temporary until it can hold a complete hearing, likely in January. The restrictions are among the toughest in the nation and gained notoriety when Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis launched a nearly 13-hour filibuster against them in June. 

The law also bans abortions at 20 weeks of pregnancy and beginning in October 2014 requires doctors to perform all abortions in surgical facilities.

During the trial, officials for one chain of abortion clinics testified that they’ve tried to obtain admitting privileges for their doctors at 32 hospitals, but so far only 15 accepted applications and none have announced a decision. 

Many hospitals with religious affiliations will not allow abortion doctors to work there, while others fear protests if they provide privileges. 

Many have requirements that doctors live within a certain radius of the facility, or perform a minimum number of surgeries a year that must be performed in a hospital.

Obama: “Rasing Debt Ceiling Does Not Raise National Debt” Most Idiotic Statement Ever

Obama Makes The Most Orwellian Statement The World Has Ever Seen 

Author: King David
October 31, 2013

Obama said in a press conference that raising the debt ceiling does not increase the national debt in any way. Right after he makes this statement he says that America has elevated the debt ceiling over 100 times. Can anyone guess if every time the debt ceiling was raised if the debt went up with it? Another question If I may; why would you need to raise the debt ceiling if you do not plan on raising the debt? All around, Obama’s statement was something to be remembered. I do not think I have ever heard such a Orwellian statement from any politician in the history of the United States. The real question that no one is asking is why is he telling such a great lie? Why does he think people are so stupid? I will leave that up to you to decide.

None of this should be a surprise to people who have studied Obama and his policies. I cannot think of one instance where he has kept his word. I have actually seen that if he says he is going to do something then he will do the exact opposite. Obama said he wouldn’t raise taxes on families making under $200,000 a year, but he turned right around and raised taxes across the board. He also said that he would end all the wars that Bush started but as we all know he started many more wars. He said his healthcare plan would be affordable but as we are seeing now, it has doubled or tripled hard working people’s insurance premiums in most cases.

Obama is a walking contradiction in human flesh and it is really sad to see people follow him without knowing the facts. Here is Obama campaigning in 2008 to be the President and listen how he bashes George Bush for adding 4 trillion dollars worth of debt to our nation. All the while Obama has added almost added 8 trillion dollars worth of debt, almost doubling Bushes previous record. He goes on to say it is “unpatriotic”. What does that say about Obama then? Being burnt by his own words will not change any of his supporters minds by the way, they will defend it until death does them part. 

With the help of informed friends KDNEWS was able to obtain the transcript of a congressional hearing where Obama spoke out against raising the debt ceiling in 2006. His hypocrisy is amongst the best in history and it seems he has practiced it over the years.

Read The Transcript Here: Transcript